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Delivering modern, engaging content to re-energize learners

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eLearning Content

Is your eLearning content not visually interesting, becoming dated or just not captivating your learners?

Whether you need help with SCORM wrapping and publishing to track for reporting purposes, or want to provide interactivity to revitalize your content, Digital Cues has the expertise you need.


Digital Cues consultants bring the functional knowledge and skills to analyze pain points and suggest viable solutions that fit both your culture and your business. The delivery of these SCORM compliant content solutions will include trackability and reporting along with industry best practices to drive content adoption, playability, portability, and learning retention through active participation, knowledge checks, animations, embedded videos, and simulations.

Ideal for companies that:

  • Require ability to track and enforce compliance of basic, non-SCORM compliant course elements such as PPT and Word documents
  • Do not have resources to design the content required to sufficiently train or upskill their learners
  • Wish to reduce or eliminate content development staff and/or content authoring software licenses
  • Supplement eLearning libraries with company specific eLearning content or updating existing content
  • Want uniquely created eLearning content published and ready for inclusion in their LMS

SCORM Packaging & Publishing

Digital Cues will take your existing content and make it SCORM compliant and ready for inclusion in your LMS. We will provide a preview for review, make necessary corrections to graphics and text formatting issues and will resend for final review and approval before providing the final files for

Content Design & Publishing

When you need to take your content to the next level, Digital Cues will create a SCORM compliant interactive learning experience that can include the creation of interactions such as: knowledge checks, tests, quizzes, guided
interaction, animations, control advancement of content based on visitation of all objects and custom timelines. We will provide previews for review, feedback and modifications in a cyclical process ensuring a flawless final product.