Review & Recommendations

Everyone needs a little R&R

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Are you thinking your HCM solution may be somewhat stale?

You’ve invested in a Learning Management or Human Capital Management System but, after several months or even years, are you confident that it’s still producing the most effective results? Are you asking…

  • Am I aware of best practices?
  • Am I taking advantage of upgraded features?
  • Do I keep up with emerging trends?

The result?

Processes and configurations that are not optimal, new functionality not taken advantage of, and administrators delivering the status quo. Many customers feel like they are on their own and need expert guidance and assistance.

With the support of Digital Cues experts, and less than 8 hours of your time, you will have the information you need to get the most value out of your solution with just a little R&R.


Specialization: deep domain expertise in the HCM space

Personalized Process: every R&R is a unique engagement tailored to your software processes

Low-Cost, Short-Term Commitment: effective information to achieve the most value from your software investment

Documented Results: formal documentation of the results of our analysis

Access to the Experts: a seasoned team of professionals who can help turn vision into reality

How It Works

Our seasoned consultants will collaboratively lead your team through a deep-dive examination of your solution. They will assess how it is being used, review current processes, reporting requirements, workflows and integrations, all to identify areas of opportunity to improve solution utilization and achieve process optimization.

We will engage in a strategic discussion to fully understand both short and long-term business goals to ensure our recommendations align with your immediate needs, as well as provide a roadmap to meet future objectives.

Digital Cues’ R&R service will breathe new life into your solution for next level optimization of your software investment.