LMS & Talent Solution Analysts

An objective software vendor selection service

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Expertise to help you find the right solution.

Whether you’ve elected to employ a Learning Management or Talent Solution for the first time or have decided to explore other systems, it might be difficult to know where to start. Digital Cues will help take the uncertainty out of the process.

Through experience as well as continued exploration, our team identifies the functional pros and cons aligned with customers’ short-term and long-term solution requirements getting to the right decision faster.


Specialization: extensive experience in the LMS & Talent Management space. This experience positions you with an expert that ‘speaks the same language’ as the vendor.
Best Practice Advice: in Learning and Talent Management software solutions.
Easy Access To Experts: responsive and ready to help.
Strategic: employing a solution-driven approach that utilizes established relationships and knowledge of LMS solutions in the marketplace to quickly and efficiently determine the best vendors to include.

Full-Service Approach

Digital Cues provides a full-service approach to each phase of the RFP/RFI and Vendor Selection processes.

Our approach includes a project management aspect to ensure the execution of the process is seamless. Your requirements will be unique, but we will support you through the gathering of the requirements on through to the selection of the vendor.

The most essential benefit from this process is that we will research and recommend potential vendors based upon your requirements.  This experience and insight work to expedite the process.