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Get the most out of your SumTotal Systems with the help from our professional services team.

How can we help you?

Our team’s expertise can assist your organization’s implementation and business side of SumTotal. We are here to help you get the most out of your SumTotal product with our consultant team’s combined experience of 30 years.

Why Digital Cues?

Because Digital Cues is a small, family-owned business, with global resources and a 100% customer-first services model. Our team’s industry experience and background with SumTotal creates a well-rounded group of individuals who are ready to take SumTotal functionality to the next level.

What does this mean to you?

That every customer conversation, project, and opportunity is focused on providing you with the most we have to offer. But don’t just take our word for it; hear what customers are saying.

Digital Cue Cards

Take a look at some helpful Cue Cards, derived from our team’s experience in what SumTotal customers need to know. They are easy to use and contain concise information for SumTotal’s learning, performance, talent, and system administration modules.

What is the difference between compliant and non-compliant content formats?

Compliant content is published in a way that allows for communication between ​the content and the LMS. Formats include:

  • AICC
  • xAPI (formerly TinCan)

Non-compliant content does not have the ability to communicate with the LMS.  Formats include:

  • Files (PDF, Docs, videos)
  • URL based content
  • Embedded videos (YouTube, Vimeo)

What content vendors are supported by SumTotal Systems?

SumTotal natively connects to LinkedIn, Skillsoft, and Percipio. However, connectors to several additional 3rd party content are available.

How are SumTotal audiences used?

There are two ways audiences are generally used. Registration audiences are used to control what training a learner can view and register. Whereas assignment audiences are used to identify training a learner is required to complete.

Does SumTotal support eCommerce?

SumTotal supports eCommerce at two levels. Basic single currency commerce is available natively but can be expanded to the full extended enterprise with an add-on module. The add-on module allows for additional eCommerce functionality that includes multiple currencies. For global users it is recommended to use the extended enterprise add-on.

Can my external customers create their own accounts on SumTotal?

SumTotal can be configured to allow external users the ability to create their accounts from the login page by selecting the “Sign Up” option. The sign-up process can be configured to gather specific profile information which can be used to determine how the user is created based on sign-up rules configured in your system.

Is there a difference between SumTotal registrations and assignments?

Yes, within SumTotal the system defines these as separate functionalities, especially within SumTotal Advanced Reporting. A user registration means the learner is on an activity roster. An assignment means that the learner is required (or formally recommended) to complete a learning activity.

Digital F.A.Cues

What is SumTotal Systems?

SumTotal Systems is a configurable learning and talent management software company geared towards business training and development tools that can be utilized to elevate organizations. SumTotal offers additional solutions such as performance management, compensation, succession planning, and workforce management that can be reported on through SumTotal Advanced Reporting.

How much does SumTotal cost?

SumTotal does not disclose their pricing on their web site and recommends that you contact them for more details. However, in general, the cost of the software license will factor in the licensing model along with what modules you purchase. You will also want to factor in implementation services which is separate from the software license. For a cost estimate on SumTotal Implementation Services contact us.

How long does it take to implement SumTotal?

The exact answer for this depends on several factors such as the number of SumTotal modules you have purchased, the volume of existing data that needs to be migrated into the system, the complexity of your processes and required integration, and the availability of resources that can commit to the project.  However, to give you a general baseline, for a Learning only implementation the average timeframe is 10-12 weeks. For help scoping your SumTotal Systems Implementation contact us.

How many years of experience do you have with learning management system implementations?

Our principal consultant has over 20 years’ experience with SumTotal and was employed by SumTotal as a lead technical consultant for 10 of those years.

Do you have experience with validated environments (VEMS) implementations?

Yes, we do. We are experienced in IQ/OQ/PQ requirements that must be met by our validated customers. We can also help with documenting requirements, test scripts, trace matrix documentation and ongoing validation.

Can you help with writing test scripts?

Our team is well versed with SumTotal functionality and has experience writing test scripts. The test scripts are written in a way that is easy to execute and record results.

Have you integrated with any document management systems (DMS)?

Many of our SumTotal implementations have involved integration with a document management system (DMS). Our technical resources work with your team and your DMS vendor to establish an integration to automate the import of versioned process documents to ensure employees remain in compliance.

Are you able to produce data extracts for importing data into external systems?

Our consultants can help you build data extracts using the SumTotal Advanced Reporting functionality to extract data from SumTotal and configure the extract to run on an automated schedule. For complex data extracts and integrations, Digital Cues has a team of developers with SumTotal API knowledge that can design, develop, and implement data integrations between multiple platforms.

Do you offer any SumTotal System administrator training?

Absolutely, our consultants can provide administrator training. We work with our customers to identify specific needs and gap areas to develop a training plan.

In what industries do you have experience implementing learning management systems?

Our principal consultant has implemented SumTotal for just about any industry you can imagine. This includes technology, retail, pharmaceutical, energy, insurance, quick service restaurants, financial, automotive, higher education and more.

What happens after our SumTotal Systems implementation is complete?

At Digital Cues, we have adopted a customer-first philosophy and strive to ensure our customers are successful after implementation. We offer flexible services to help our customers get the most out of their investment in SumTotal and continue to build upon the foundation established during implementation. Whether you need training, staff augmentation or assistance implementing additional features, we have you covered.

Do you provide any post go-live support or aftercare?

We have flexible services to assist customers at any point after go-live. Our experience working with SumTotal customers over the past several years has inspired us to design our services to be flexible and easy to use. SumTotal customers are looking for responsive and reliable solutions and that is what Digital Cues delivers.

Can I customize SumTotal?

SumTotal does not allow for any customizations to its core product since it is a cloud-based system. However, there are some features available to customers to enhance the product through the UI, dashboards, and a full set of APIs are available.

Does SumTotal have virtual classroom and meeting integrations?

Yes, SumTotal integrates with:

  • Adobe Connect Settings
  • GoTo Settings
  • iLinc Settings
  • Live Meeting
  • Virtual Lab