Expertly Done for You (EDFY)

An HCM Business Process Outsourcing Service

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Companies are required to invest in Learning and Talent Management proficiency to administer their internal solution. Too often these resources are stretched between organizational priorities and the routine activities necessary to maintain their system. They inevitably fall behind, as does the solution they are required to manage.

With Expertly Done for You, you can entrust all, or a portion, of your administration and strategy to a team of experts who built their careers managing Human Capital Management systems.  When you work with Digital Cues, you can rest assured that our
seasoned professionals will become a seamless extension of your team focused on realizing your goals.

How It Works

One of our Digital Cues Senior Consultants will meet with you to understand your needs and collectively determine the number of hours and weeks required to achieve your goals. The Expertly Done for You service is based upon a 120-hour minimum for a term of no less than 12 weeks and can be increased from there. The hours allocated each week may vary but are expected to be committed to in advance.


Full Managed Services

50% Strategic, 50% Functional

  • A traditional managed service allowing you to outsource strategy, management, operations and delivery, effectively and economically. Offers a high degree of skill and expertise to evolve and expand capabilities aligned with your business goals.


Staff Augmentation & Managed Services

30% Strategic, 70% Functional

  • A hybrid managed service providing significant hands-on assistance while also supplying you with an expert to ensure configurations are actioned strategically.


Staff Augmentation

15% Oversight, 85% Functional

  • Provides you with a functional specialist to execute on day-to-day tasks required to keep your system updated with the latest content, create reports, manage system access and more. All with an expert at the helm to oversee efforts and liaise with you as needed.